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Sat, Jan 3, 2009

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Just about everyone has a point and shoot digital camera these days.  Over time, the memory cards available for these devices have become bigger and cheaper.

In the early days of digital photography, you would download your pictures constantly to free up space on your card.  You could only fit maybe 30 or 50 shots on your card.

Back then, you just hooked up the camera’s USB cable to your computer and ripped all your photos down to your computer.  Since it was only 30 pictures, it was pretty easy, and managing them on your computer was simple too.

Today’s memory cards are huge.  You can fit well over 1,000 photos on a regular card these days.  As a result, people download the pictures far less frequently because they have plenty of extra room on the card.

But what happens when it does fill up?  Doh!

Now all of a sudden you have to download over 1,000 frames to your computer.  Even with a fast computer and camera, that can take some time.  You’ve also got pictures in there from a dozen or more different occasions.  So now you need to manage, sort, title, and manipulate them.

Kingston Memory Card Reader

Kingston Memory Card Reader

Unfortunately, most digital cameras have an all or nothing approach to downloading pictures.  Apple iPhoto just grabs everything, including the pictures on there you may not be interested in.  On a PC, you can check off the pictures you want, but then your using a clunky import device once you begin capturing those pictures.

Isn’t there a better way?  Yes.  Get a cheap card reader.

Many new laptops even come with a simple SD card reader built into it.  A card reader will all you to quickly remove the camera’s memory card and hook it up to your computer.  The card then shows up on your computer like a stand alone hard drive or thumb drive.

From there, you can easily manage the photos.  You can just drag and drop the ones you want onto your computer.  Drag and drop certain pictures into certain folders.  You can even take pictures from your PC and put them BACK onto the memory card.

You can then cherry pick the photos on the card that you want to delete, and leave other alone.

Just how cheap are these card readers?  You can get a 19 “size” reader like the one pictured for around $15.  That’s really affordable.  One like this (and there are dozens of models on the market) can read 19 different size and shape memory cards including all the standard formats plus some of the rare ones.

So now if a family member or friend wants to share pictures with you, just ask to use their memory card for a couple minutes.  You can quickly download the pictures right to your computer and hand the card back.  You can can even transfer some of your photos over to their memory card.

And also, the card reader will read anything that’s on the card…which doesn’t just have to be pictures.  It can be any kind of data (video, text, and other media) that can be saved on a card.  That even includes the memory card in your PDA.

Using a simple reader like this is really the best, and least frustrating way I have found to handle large volumes of digital photos.

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