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Tue, Dec 2, 2008

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from Pure Digital

from Pure Digital

We’re big fans of the Flip family of products.  Here at iCast.me, we’ve owned at least one of every generation of Flip video camera starting with the old white version.

This latest generation is a breakthrough in pocket sized HD video recording.  Its major claim to fame: The Smallest HD Camera in the world.

Granted, it is only 720p.  However, for something the size if a cellphone, 720p HD with full 16:9 aspect ratio is pretty impressive.

Want something even more impressive?  The Flip Mino HD starts at around $210 on Amazon.com.

That’s a ton of very usable HD recording capability right in your pocket.  You can take it with you everywhere.  You’ll be shocked how often you find yourself recording video simply because you can take this little thing with you everywhere.

The Mino also comes with basic video software built right into the camera itself.  When you connect the camera to the computer (PC or Mac), it will load up it’s on board software for you to publish straight to YouTube, do some simple edits, etc.

The Pros: It’s inanely small for an HD camera.  The controls are so simple, anyone can use them…including grandpa.  Press the red button to record.  Press it again to stop.  That’s pretty much it.  The built in “flip” USB connection makes downloading your videos a breeze.  And did we mention it is HD?

The Cons: It’s only 720p.  Sure 1080p would be awesome, but how much can you ask for in a first generation HD device of this class?  The flip USB connection can be a little tricky for some desktops especially certain Dell machines.  Connecting can be cumbersome but a short USB extender makes that fix easy.  On board software is super basic.  Nothing fancy, no frills.  We’d recommend using a third party editing program.

Final Thought:  Well worth every penny.  You’ll be pleased.

Buy it now:  (Mouse Over for Price)

Flip Mino HD Camera (Black)
Flip Mini Tripod (Great Accessory)
Flip Mino SD (Huge Savings)

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