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Wed, Dec 31, 2008

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Have you heard of the Fon movement?  It’s a “worldwide movement” to spread free WiFi.

Basically, it allows you to open up your unused WiFi bandwidth at home for others to use.  In exchange, you get to use the WiFi of others for free when you are away from home.  It’s pretty cool.

Fon RouterAll you have to do is pay for a small Fon wireless router.  They’re really cheap compared to other WiFi routers.  It shows up preconfigured for the Fon system.  Just plug it in to your home router or directly into your broadband modem.  It sets itself up automatically.

You can then put in the info of where your Fon Spot is located so that others can find it.  It will put a dot on the Fon Spot Google Map for your location.

So as long as you are sharing your WiFi, you can use the WiFi of thousands of other Foneros (aka Fon Members).

The Fon router broadcasts two signals.  One is for your own personal use at home.  The other is the public one which other Foneros will connect to.  So your data is always secure.

So let’s say someone that is NOT a Fon member finds your WiFi spot?  They can get 15 minutes of free WiFi simply for watching a 30 second ad.  You get a tiny commission for every ad watched!  Let’s say that person needs longer than that.  They can purchase a one day or multiday pass.  You get 50% of that cash as well!

So if you live in an apartment above a Starbucks, this thing would be a goldmine for you.  Just think if you live across from a park…that would make some serious bank as well.

To make sure that you signal reaches its maximum potential, you can opt to buy the high power Fon antenna and attach it to your base station.  The antenna extends the reach of your Fon signal by something like 100 times.

So if you live in an area where you think people would be looking for wireless Internet, you should seriously think of getting one of these.  I made $25 in my first month alone with mine, and I don’t even live on a block with a lot of people. If you own a restaurant or cafe, this is an insanely cheap way to offer your customers free WiFi as well.

And even if you don’t live near anyone, you can still take advantage of Fon.  Every time you travel, just look for other Foneros sharing their signal, and you’ll never have to pay for WiFi again.

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