HP Mini 1000 Netbook

Wed, Dec 10, 2008

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HP Mini 1000 Netbook

The HP Mini 1000 netbook PC is iCast.me’s favorite netbook primarily because of the generous keyboard.  Many netbooks earn their size by skimping big time on key size.  You end up with those microsized keys that become a nightmare when you try to write things of any length.  Of all netbooks on the market, we like it a little better than the Acer’s more popular models.

Touch pad puts buttons on the side to save space for keyboard.

Touch pad puts buttons on the side to save space for keyboard.

Space is earned by having a short mouse touch pad area with mouse keys on the sides instead of below.  The touch pad is plenty wide, and just a little shorter than you are used to.  You’ll quickly get used to clicking the buttons on the side too.  If you are already used to “double tapping” your current touch pad to click, drag, etc. then you will not notice much difference in your experience at all.

The result is a very fluid typing experience virtually identical to any standard sized laptop.  We make a big deal over it’s typing comfort because it is one of those things that doesn’t seem especially important until you no longer have it.

Makes web video chats easy.

Integrated camera makes web video chats easy.

This generation of Mini also has a much better processor.  HP opted to go with the Intel Atom.

The laptop has a very glossy screen and built in webcam making it a great device for video chat and Skyping on the road.

Since it is truly meant to be a portable web machine, it also has built in data card for accessing mobile broadband services.

When the lid is closed it fits right into your purse or small bag weighing slightly over two pounds.

Pros: Ultra, Ultra portable.  Built in camera nice option.  Mobile broadband integration eliminates need for extra mobile card.  Lightweight and compact.  Excellent keyboard feel for laptop of this class.  Affordable at a mid $300’s price point.

Cons: Not a lot of ports for connecting external devices.  No CD/DVD ROM drive.  Flash memory only available up to 16GB.  Otherwise switch to traditional 60GB hard drive.

Final thoughts: If you travel, like to work away from home base, or like the convenience of a grab-and-go machine for your online and basic software computing needs, this is the machine for you.  Highest marks of all the netbooks we’ve seen.  Sure, the hard drives aren’t huge and the processors aren’t blazing fast, but it does what it is meant to do.

Buy it Now:

HP Mini 1000 Netbook $849 MSRP.   Sale Mid $350’s.  (Rollover for actual sale price)

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