Mario Kart for Nintendo Wii

Tue, Dec 2, 2008


This pack includes one Wii Wheel.

This pack includes one Wii Wheel.

A refreshing update to one of the best, classic video games of all time.  Mario Kart fans are some of the loyalist gaming fans out there, and Mario Kart for Wii will not disappoint.

The controls have been updated to take advantage of the Wii’s accelerometer.  Take you Wii controller and place it in the Wii Wheel and you’ve got steering right in your hands.  Turn the wheel left and right and you’ll be steering just like a car.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the Wii Wheel’s steering.  It is remarkably accurate and easy to get used to.

Traditionalists can relax.  The Wii also has not one, not two, but three control alternatives.  Use the Wiii remote horizontally and your off and driving.  Buy the optional classic controller and you’re in for a very familiar experience.  Combine the Wii remote and nun chuck, and you’ve got a third option.  There’s an interface to suite every gamer.

You’ll be able to race on many of the classic tracks from SNES and N64 plus a whole host of new tracks released for Wii.

The coolest addition includes the ability to race others online.  Take advantage of your Wii’s WiFi connection and play up to 32 other racers around the globe.

Locally, you can have two racers at a time compete against other speed-heads on the web.  In none Internet racing, you can have up to four racers in a quad split screen.

Pros: WiFi racing is great.  You no longer have to race the CPU.  There’s a ton of other race modes, vehicles, tricks, and weapons available in this new Wii Version.  Wii wheel is a lot of fun for racers of all skill levels.

Cons: Mario Kart with Wii Wheel only comes with one wheel.  You’ll have to purchase a second one separately…luckily they are cheap.  Battle modes are timed and exclusively team based.  Wish there were more classic tracks.

Final Word: Well worth the money.  It is a game that will never get old thanks to the ability to race others online.  Lots of levels, vehicles, characters, etc to unlock.  One of the better Wii Games on the market.

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Mario Kart for Nintendo Wii
Extra Wii Wheel
Classic Controller

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