Sony XDR-F1HD HD Radio

Fri, Dec 5, 2008

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Sony XDRF1HD HD Radio Tuner

Sony XDRF1HD HD Radio Tuner

In the market for an HD Radio?  What is an HD Radio?

First the background.  As someone that works at a major radio station, I happen to know a bit about this subject.

Radio stations across the country are transitioning their broadcasts over to HD.  It is basically a digital transmission of their traditional broadcasts that allows superior audio quality and additional channels.  That’s right…channels.

Currently, stations are able to continue their regular AM/FM broadcasts on the same frequency as the HD broadcast.

However, when you get your HD Radio, you’ll find new options.  HD allows station to offer additional sideband channels with HD quality.  So one radio station can broadcast 3 HD channels all at the same time on the same frequency.  So your favorite rock station can broadcast a their regular music, an HD2 channel of all classic rock, and an HD3 channel of punk rock.

The audio quality is great as well.  FM radio gets brought up to CD quality sound.  AM broadcasts get brought up to analog FM quality, and can be stereo.

So what’s the best radio to buy?  The SONY XDR-F1HD.  Not only is it the best sounding radio component, it is amazingly cheap.  HD radios are on the market in the $200 range.  The better quality ones are usually more than that.  The SONY XDR-F1HD comes in well under $100.

Pros: Compact, simple, and great sound.  The SONY XDR-F1HD will easily integrate into your component stereo system, and won’t take up a ton of space.  You can’t really beat the price for the quality.  The screen is nice an large, and easily readable.  There’s lots of text data that comes with an HD broadcast that is easy to see on the screen with this model.

Cons: Bring your own speakers.  If you are just looking for a stand alone HD radio, you’re going to have to pick up a pair of speakers.  Since you’re paying for an HD experience, you really should purchase quality speakers.  You can’t fully appreciate the HD experience through a system with bad speakers.  So that will cost you some more.

Final thoughts: For this price, you should jump on the deal.  As if that weren’t enough, the SONY XDR-F1HD is probably the best sounding HD Radio on the market at any price.  Yes, there are cheaper models and cheaper desktop HD radios, but their components and cheap speakers don’t perform anywhere near as well as this SONY.

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Optional: Terk Hdr-I High-Definition Indoor Radio Antenna (Improves reception)

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