Mon, Jan 5, 2009

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I’ve started using TweetDeck to handle my Twitter activitiy.  Really, when you start looking, there are hundreds of Twitter applications on the Internet already.  I had no idea.  I knew there were some, but…

Anyway, TweetDeck is an application that runs on your computer (PC or Mac) that uses the Adobe Air programming language.

Air is a free software download from Adobe that lets you run applications that are written like web applications, but now don’t need to run in a browser.  You can instead run these applications outside of the browser like a regular software program.  Once Air is installed, you can install other applications on top of it.

Back to TweetDeck.

TweeDeck lets you manage all of you incoming and outgoing Twitter messages (Tweets) in an organized fashion.  You can create groups of the people you are following.  For example, you can see in my picture above that I have a “Web 2.0” group of bloggers that I put together.  I also have a local news group from main stream media outlets that also use twitter.

All of your Tweets come in to you in real time.  There’s a tiny little popup that will show up over your open applications (then fade away) when a new Tweet comes in.  So you can track conversations in real time.

You can also see all the profile information of each user right from within TweetDeck.

Then, you can respond or post new Tweets right from Tweetdeck too.  It has a convenient tool that automatically shortens links for you using all of the normal services like TInyUrl, etc.

You can even do a term search (say New York Giants) and see all of the updates with that in it.  When new Tweets are posted, you’ll get those updates in real time too.

I was skeptical at first, but now I find it to be really convenient.  I just couldn’t get into checking the main Twitter site regularly enough.

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